Friday, February 3, 2012

We, DKVers Love Photoshoot!

Suddenly remember about a photoshoot me and my fellow college friends have last december. One of the model called Wulan, the owner of Bootsydoopsy blog. And ItsMeAn2x is one of the photographers. Here are some of the photos.

The first theme is animal. I brought mine, a snake skin-patterned dress, but turned out everyone was wearing leopard-pattern. So I borrowed this jumpsuit from my friend Wulan.
On me: leopard jumpsuit (borrowed from Wulan), random bangles, random black belt, Steve Madden black heels

Next is Marionette~~ Marionette is kinda like a doll played by using strings attached to it. Marionette is somewhere between mysterious and cute.
On me : random shocking pink halter neck dress, random bangles, random white gladiator heels

And the last theme is Christmas!! Yes, it was nearly Christmas back then~ 
On me : red Next top, random white shorts

Here is a group photo. The boys are our awesome photographers! We are all from in the same university, taking Visual Communication Design major. 

"Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art." - Ansel Adams


  1. wow! lovely photos. :)
    followed you. follow back??

  2. Cool photo shoot. and very original Blog Banner!

  3. nice photoshoot :)
    i took dkv too as my major in univ hihi !
    indonesian ? where are u come from ?

    i am following you now :D
    mind to visit mine ?

    1. really? *toss
      I'm from surabaya? You? Jakarta I guess?
      Followed you too dear^^ Lovely blog!


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