Saturday, November 3, 2012

Can I Cross The Jungle?

Yo! Finally an outfit post, yipee! It's not taken today but a few weeks ago instead. Friends were coming over to my place for some assignments but we ended up playing and watching videos all noon XD.

And those photos above all taken and edited by the ever-so-sweet lady from BootsyDoopsy , Wulan Wu! Thanks dear and do come over soon :*

I finally wear my beloved clogs that I snatched from a shop in Taiwan Market called Jiu Fen. Very nice streets with lot of shops along the way. I fell in love with the clogs but rather confused because it's kinda useless -inappropriate in classes and malls-. But it was so charming so here they are placed on top of my wardrobe waiting to be used. I'm gonna post my Taiwan trip later. It would take a long time to upload the photos :(
Oh and I snatched the sweater with Wulan in a sale. New Look sweater only for 90thousand rupiahs or +- $9. Sweet bargain huh?
And remember the giveaway I won from miss.tea&co. ? That's the cute octopus right on my neck! Once again thanks!

See u soon, promise!xoxo