Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greeting the Sea

Yuhuuu pretties~ long time no see... Quite busy lately but recently I've been thinking, I have the same schedule as Wulan from Bootsy Doopsy, yet she diligently updates hers yet mine is left uncared. Yeaps,  totally my fault here. Will try to do better!

Below are photos from my heavenly holiday last *ehm* July-August. We spend 2 days at Lombok island -go ask uncle google if you don't know this wonderful island- and the rest at Bali island -kick me if you know nothing about this amazing island!-
I went there with my college friends. Had lot of fun. And craving for more.
Enough said. They said photo speaks thousand words instead.

Long Island we drank at our fisrt night at a nice cafe at Lombok
Swimming on our first morning!

Quite an uphill place where we could see the Senggigi island. Beautiful yet windy there. Friend said that Eunjung from T-ara took a photo right there too during her visit.

Stopped at Qunci Villa. We didn't spend nights there though. The exterior was great and there was so much western people there. We order some snacks and spend the noon playing at the beach there.