Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fighting Along the Sun

Long time no see and it's summer already -almost fall even-. A wonderful season full of colour, prints, new trends, and sunshine! Don't you love summer? Here in my country it's summer forever all along the year. With that stinging sunray everyday and chances to wear summer attire. Envy? Don't.

Oh la la. I'm sporting a new cut if you noticed. What do you think? I think it suits me, but hey, long hair, you're sincerely missed!

Yes, you've seen right. This top appeared too many times in this blog. But hey, it's too lovely to only be worn once or twice. or thrice.
or every summer days. 
And I'm in love with rolled-up pants this month! Been rolling all my pants up lately :p

Top : Zara
Pants :  Guess 
Belt : Next (can't stop bragging. great deal belt. 2 for $10)
Heels : Zara (another treasure. got it on sale. approximately $30 only)
Bag : Zara
Accessories : bought in markets in Taiwan

Monday, July 8, 2013

Moving Out

Moving out to Bloglovin everyone!!!
See you there hopefully?

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello Yellow

Uh huh! I must be crazy to be posting this right now. Final projects are haunting my days and my nights and even I dreamt about my assignment last night. Sigh. And if that's not enough, the lecturers keep adding the assignments one by one. Yeah...

It's just a short post before I'm diving again into my assignments. An outfit post I took a while ago before going out for dinner.

Oh and I forgot to tell you in the last post! I got myself an instagram account. Follow me : cincinbk for daily dose of photos -not that I post photos that often though- 

Wish me luck during the last war of this semester. 
Until later, :* :* :*

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Labels Parade

Such a lazy blogger I am lately #embarassed
So, to fill in the emptiness let me share some editorial photos.
They were the editorial from Harper's Bazaar China. Sui He looks really amazing in these photos!
She's wearing attires from different labels' Spring collection.

Photos are taken from fashiongonerogue.com

I personally love her style for Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu, and Saint Laurent.
What do you think? Let me know!

Friday, March 22, 2013

CLOSED // Giveaway : Belated 1st Blogversarry

When you're reading this post we have less than 10 days toward the end of the month. And yes, I feel so guilty right now for abandoning my blog for such a long and horrible time. But I'm going to make this post worth it.

First thing first, Happy Belated February! That's including :
1. Happy Chinese New Year (恭喜恭喜!)
2. Happy Valentine Day for those whom in love and those whom passed the day with best friends like I did!
3. Happy 1st Birthday to Belle Spell! Right, exactly on February 2nd, Belle Spell has been around for one year. Yipee! Honestly I was thinking about what should I do to my lovely readers, until some weeks ago I got an amazing idea. 

You know I got a burning passion to be a fashion designer. Lately, step by step, I've been trying to realize my designs into a collection. Yes, you heard right! I'm on my way to release my own clothing line named "CINCIN". It will only be a small scale of clothing line with limited stock.

Okay, that's for later. The point is...
I'm going to have  a giveaway to commemorate Belle Spell 1st anniversary. And the prize will be a leather top (as in my photos in this post), a piece from my collection. It's a RTW design that I cherish a lot and you'll be the one that lay hands on it first before I launch it!

Pants, Bag, Accessories - random
Shoes - ZARA

How to get it : 

1. Follow Belle Spell via GFC

2. Follow my twitter here and tweet or share via Facebook/Instagram/your blog/whatever about the giveaway please if you'd love to. (I'll count you as two entry if you do)

3. Leave comment bellow : your name, your email, and the tweet / shared link (if you did)

I'll choose the winner completely random. The giveaway starts from now until April 10th and  yes it opens internationally! Good luck!

The giveaway is now closed. The winner is *drumroll please* 
YUNITA ELISABETH from pinktearydream.blogspot.com!