Monday, February 20, 2012

Freshened, finally!

Yeahh!! Finally saturday, everyone's favourite day~ What were you doing on saturday night? I had a wonderful saturday this time. And you know, I got my hair cut. Finally. I love my new hair. It feels so comfy and fresh. Actually, I want to have it cut shorter, I'll do it next time. heeheeehee. Do you think I did the right thing or is it a disaster?

I went to Surabaya Town Square -or so called sutos- with my lovely 7Gangsters. 4 gangsters to be exact. Had so much fun! It's been a long time since we hang out here. Ate at Sushi Hana. By the way my camera seems to be in trouble as all the photos taken were blur. Too bad. 


 After a few rounds around the mall, we stopped again to a cafe. I forget the cafe's name. We ordered drinks. Kind of fruit mixed with soda (?). They look so attractive and the glasses are super cute. They even have glass that looks like chemical tool! 

I'm writing this post waiting for the clock to hit 10. Then, go back to reality. College is waiting with those lectures, studios, tutors, and tasks. Wish me luck this whole week! 
May you have a wonderful week ahead!

"There aren't enough days in the weekend." - Rod Schmidt


  1. Love your blog, would love you to check out ym blog, maybe we could follow each other if you like? :D

  2. Just followed you..followback? :)

  3. Beautiful look!!!Let's follow each other?


  4. i love your white blazer and pumps! looks you had a fun day :)

  5. cute outfit! the food looks delicious :D

  6. amazing outfit

    you look so lovely in your header!

  7. lovely outfit,love the blue color with the white!

  8. Nice outfit! I love your shoes :) Hmm yummy food, make me hungry. Mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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