Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Joy of the World

First thing first, MERRY CHRISTMAS pretties! 

I should have posted yesterday right on Christmas day. But I was too busy finishing the last book of Eragon series, The Inheritance. Definitely not a waste reading it. Full set of fantasy and adventure! My favourite kind of stories
Referring to this Christmas post, you'd think I'd post some Christmas-y outfit right? I swear I would love to...but due to a very unfortunate thing, which is my camera didn't work properly, I could only pick some pictures that noise-less enough to be shared *sad*.

I wore a red knitted dress which is extremely lovely. It's a vintage I got from mom. A lace top as inner and lace collar completed my outfit! The classic and pretty collar is a gift from Stellar Neckwear as I answered their questionaire. Thanks! Oh, and the tough boots was made based on my design. It was used to complete the whole outfit I designed for a Junior Fashion Design Competition few years ago. Will share more later :p

Ah, and during the day, I made Sugar Cookies too! Took the recipe from Martha Stewart's and adapted it as needed. It was an easy cookies recipe. Scroll more for the recipe!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pre-Fall 2013 : Kelly Wearstler

This Pre-Fall 2013 season is uber cool! Next year trends like black&white and leather still dominates designers' mind. 

In the midst of rising young designer, this time I would like to give the spotlight to a newly established fashion line, Kelly Wearstler. Kelly Wearstler debut as a fashion line in Spring 2011. The designer, Kelly Wearstler herself, is also an interior designer, which influence her fashion style. 

This time, she takes geometric to the next level. 

Those intriguing cuts remind me of the amazing Alexander Wang's last Spring 2013 RTW.

Printed suit is to playful to be missed!

I love this geometric triangle detail! Compliment the whole plain look well!

Before I never paid attention to this label much. I guess next season gonna be amazing to watch!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Off to the Blue

Hey ho! kinda embarrassed appearing here after these long absences. But truthfully this third semester is just another disaster. I'm on every deadline I can imagine -my fault of course for pending works all the time-. And tomorrow is the last war, the final exam :(

My last November was so much fun!! I'm officially 19 this year~ Thanks mom, dad, sis, and my lovely friends :* Can't express how happy I am to have you all :*
I also attended Arva Annual Fashion Show again this year. I'll try to post the photos later on my holiday. It was spectacular as usual though I prefer last year's show.

Below are the continuation of my last post. Lady Wulan Wu from Bootsydoopsy took and edited the photos. Thanks pretty!

I really can't wait for the holiday. Santa is coming to town, so does my friends who study abroad. Gonna be a fun fun holiday! Yipee!

I'll see you again on holiday, ok?! Take care and stay pretty :*