Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Joy of the World

First thing first, MERRY CHRISTMAS pretties! 

I should have posted yesterday right on Christmas day. But I was too busy finishing the last book of Eragon series, The Inheritance. Definitely not a waste reading it. Full set of fantasy and adventure! My favourite kind of stories
Referring to this Christmas post, you'd think I'd post some Christmas-y outfit right? I swear I would love to...but due to a very unfortunate thing, which is my camera didn't work properly, I could only pick some pictures that noise-less enough to be shared *sad*.

I wore a red knitted dress which is extremely lovely. It's a vintage I got from mom. A lace top as inner and lace collar completed my outfit! The classic and pretty collar is a gift from Stellar Neckwear as I answered their questionaire. Thanks! Oh, and the tough boots was made based on my design. It was used to complete the whole outfit I designed for a Junior Fashion Design Competition few years ago. Will share more later :p

Ah, and during the day, I made Sugar Cookies too! Took the recipe from Martha Stewart's and adapted it as needed. It was an easy cookies recipe. Scroll more for the recipe!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pre-Fall 2013 : Kelly Wearstler

This Pre-Fall 2013 season is uber cool! Next year trends like black&white and leather still dominates designers' mind. 

In the midst of rising young designer, this time I would like to give the spotlight to a newly established fashion line, Kelly Wearstler. Kelly Wearstler debut as a fashion line in Spring 2011. The designer, Kelly Wearstler herself, is also an interior designer, which influence her fashion style. 

This time, she takes geometric to the next level. 

Those intriguing cuts remind me of the amazing Alexander Wang's last Spring 2013 RTW.

Printed suit is to playful to be missed!

I love this geometric triangle detail! Compliment the whole plain look well!

Before I never paid attention to this label much. I guess next season gonna be amazing to watch!

Photos belong to

Monday, December 10, 2012

Off to the Blue

Hey ho! kinda embarrassed appearing here after these long absences. But truthfully this third semester is just another disaster. I'm on every deadline I can imagine -my fault of course for pending works all the time-. And tomorrow is the last war, the final exam :(

My last November was so much fun!! I'm officially 19 this year~ Thanks mom, dad, sis, and my lovely friends :* Can't express how happy I am to have you all :*
I also attended Arva Annual Fashion Show again this year. I'll try to post the photos later on my holiday. It was spectacular as usual though I prefer last year's show.

Below are the continuation of my last post. Lady Wulan Wu from Bootsydoopsy took and edited the photos. Thanks pretty!

I really can't wait for the holiday. Santa is coming to town, so does my friends who study abroad. Gonna be a fun fun holiday! Yipee!

I'll see you again on holiday, ok?! Take care and stay pretty :*

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Can I Cross The Jungle?

Yo! Finally an outfit post, yipee! It's not taken today but a few weeks ago instead. Friends were coming over to my place for some assignments but we ended up playing and watching videos all noon XD.

And those photos above all taken and edited by the ever-so-sweet lady from BootsyDoopsy , Wulan Wu! Thanks dear and do come over soon :*

I finally wear my beloved clogs that I snatched from a shop in Taiwan Market called Jiu Fen. Very nice streets with lot of shops along the way. I fell in love with the clogs but rather confused because it's kinda useless -inappropriate in classes and malls-. But it was so charming so here they are placed on top of my wardrobe waiting to be used. I'm gonna post my Taiwan trip later. It would take a long time to upload the photos :(
Oh and I snatched the sweater with Wulan in a sale. New Look sweater only for 90thousand rupiahs or +- $9. Sweet bargain huh?
And remember the giveaway I won from miss.tea&co. ? That's the cute octopus right on my neck! Once again thanks!

See u soon, promise!xoxo

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greeting the Sea

Yuhuuu pretties~ long time no see... Quite busy lately but recently I've been thinking, I have the same schedule as Wulan from Bootsy Doopsy, yet she diligently updates hers yet mine is left uncared. Yeaps,  totally my fault here. Will try to do better!

Below are photos from my heavenly holiday last *ehm* July-August. We spend 2 days at Lombok island -go ask uncle google if you don't know this wonderful island- and the rest at Bali island -kick me if you know nothing about this amazing island!-
I went there with my college friends. Had lot of fun. And craving for more.
Enough said. They said photo speaks thousand words instead.

Long Island we drank at our fisrt night at a nice cafe at Lombok
Swimming on our first morning!

Quite an uphill place where we could see the Senggigi island. Beautiful yet windy there. Friend said that Eunjung from T-ara took a photo right there too during her visit.

Stopped at Qunci Villa. We didn't spend nights there though. The exterior was great and there was so much western people there. We order some snacks and spend the noon playing at the beach there.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spring 2013 RTW : part 2

Hey hey hey~~ I'm back from my short vacation and it was super fun! More story of it soon~
Now I'm gonna post some more from Spring 2013 RTW. Okay no more chit chat, just enjoy the picts~

I can immediately imagine all those pretty girls, models, celebs walking around NY, waiting for taxi in those clothes. Black and white still invading, but with a touch of other strong colour and denim or even army style companion to make it perfect. 

Jason Wu
He's doing a great job mixing leather and lace and even floral. Fierce yet very stunning. And the blue parade -look at that blue suede shirt and skirt- on the third row steals my heart too! Wu rawks!

Marc Jacobs
Sixties stripe goes modern, enough said for this collection. 

Prabal Gurung
Uh Oh I'm feeling disappointed towards my latest favourite designer this time. Yes, it was pretty and flattering, but it just failed my expectation. However the printed silk was wonderful! He brings Nepal internationally fashionable~

Rodarte brings fantasy theme collection. I dare to imagine those clothes on video games or fantasy film wore by the female villain or female lead. I've grown up playing games myself so I really enjoy this collection!

See you again very soon my lovelies :*

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spring 2013 RTW : part 1

Hey! Sorry for not keeping my promise to post soon :( Been a super hectic month and it's going to continue. Wish me a huge luck, ok?
I still haven't uploaded my last Bali holiday photos and won't do it unless I got some spare time :( Got some other photos stack to be uploaded too! Busy busy busy~~~

I even missed the start of NYFW! Yes! It's back again, the mighty Spring 2013 RTW collection~ Wuhuuuu! To not piling my works in one corner I decide to try to post the collection's update more often than before, especially my favourite brands and the collection that steals my attention. It's going to be a quite long compilation of Spring collection!

It's already 1 a.m. and I'll have a flight at 4 to Jakarta and later noon to Taiwan. I'll be there for 5 days~ So, see you when I'm back!

Alexander Wang
The cool guy from NY is back! I felt a bit disappointed with Wang's last collection. And this season he's coming back strong! Leather and the extremely gorgeous cut RULES! These ones below are my favourite among favourite~
What do you think of it?

Have a nice weekend pretty :*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swamp of Flower

Uh huh~ still on holiday yet no photos~ (not that I should be happy), but I really enjoy this holiday as much as possible before getting back to routine soon :(
I only took this photo because mom happens to bring the camera with her (I should be the one bringing it if I want photos ==).

Printed top // ZARA - Safari Skirt // MANGO - Belt // NEXT - Bag // Tommy Hilfiger - Heels // Charles&Keith

I'm going to post my last Lombok-Bali trip next post. I'll just have to wait for the rest of the photos from my friends' camera~ See you soon pretties :*

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Story Begins When The Eyes Closed

I'm back from holiday to busy days now~ The first week seems to be so slow wihout many assignment, yet. But it getting more complicated in the second week. Now I'm on a week holiday again~ yay! 
I had fun in Bali last time and I still can't used to the normal routine. Have heaps of photos to share, but it should wait :p

Now I wanna share a form of makeup art which I really adore! Beautiful scenes on eyelids by a makeup artist called Katie Alves. I found her Deviant Art and have this super opportunity to ask her a few questions! She's so nice and humble! Scroll down to read her answers and enjoy some of my favourite scenes from her works~

Rapunzel : Tangled

Q : Hey Katie, would you introduce a bit about yourself?
A : I'm Katie, I'm from Ontario, Canada and I'm a makeup artist. I do scenes on my eyes, using    regular eyeshadow and liquid eyeliners.

Lion King

Q: When you do a makeup, do you plan the concept first or go all spontaneous?
A : It's different every time. Sometimes I'll plan out a design, especially if it's really complicated. But sometimes I'll completely wing it.

Q : Where do you get all the inspiration -I bet you love storybooks and movies- ?
A : At the beginning it was the season that gave me inspiration. I tarted with halloween designs and moved onto winter scenes. Once I started gaining followers, I kept getting suggestions. Now I'm inspired by my awesome fans!

Q: Can you describe you makeup style in 3 words?
A : Not exactly normal! haha! 

Little Mermaid
Harry Potter

Q : Some makeup tips for us girls?
A : Always support your arm! I see so many people lean over a counter and their hand is shaking all over the place. Have a mirror on your counter, or a table. Put your elbow on the counter. It helps so much!

The Wizard of Oz
Lord of the Ring

Q : Now you're a professional and famous makeup artist, what can you share for others who wish to be as great as you are?
A : Just have fun! Don't get discouraged if someone does a better design than you. Just keep trying to better yourself! Push yourself with every designs. For years I thought I was terrible at makeup but it was because I was trying to do other peoples designs. My eyes are completely different from others and none of them worked! You have to find your own style!


All credit to Katie Alves ! Thank you for your time and nice to know you :*
See you soon pretties~~~

Friday, July 27, 2012

See you soon~~

It's been too long since my last post :( And I'm gonna be away again tomorrow. Remember my plan few months ago? Yesss, I'm heading right to Lombok island tomorrow for 2 days and continue ahead to Bali island for 5 days with some of my college friends! A long trip indeed~~ So excited! Gonna be so much fun! Wait for the story next week, will you?

For now, I got a few designer collections for you. When I was going to Ciputra World Mall last Saturday, they were celebrating the mall first anniversary by holding a fashion show from branded store located there, such as Red Valentino, Versus, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. I came quite late and only caught up the Red Valentino and Versus' fashion show. What a pity! 

Photographd by me.

Honestly I can't say that this is a great fashion show. The models' hair were too careless and the lighting wasn't good. But overall, I enjoyed it. What do you think?

Oh! Have I told you that I won my first ever giveaway?! It was a Crochet White giveaway from miss.tea&co blog! I received 4 lovely handmade accessories from her~ A bow knot scarf, a very cute octopus ring, a rabbit necklace, and a heart phone charm which now hanging within my blackberry phone! Thanks Fiona for the gifts and the sweet card, I'll use them well! Have packed them for my trip tomorrow XD.

No quote today. Gotta sleep earlier. Nite my pretties! :*

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wonderland Couture

Short update before drowning back into my lazy holiday mode~
Came across these strikingly beautiful campaign photographs for Feline Blush's first couture line : Wonderland Couture, modeled by Elsa Bleda. I can't stop staring at the photos and now I even have one as my desktop wallpaper! 
See you soon pretties :*

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Everyone Love Resort!

I really love Resort Collection -who doesn't right?- And this year is another amazing ones! Beside Chanel Resort I posted before, these one below are just beyond pretty! Oooh I'm so ready for holiday~ Here are some of my personal favourite from 4 different labels. Enjoy pretty!

Just Cavalli
Oh the prints and the vibrant colors are so tempting. I fell in love with this collection as soon as I saw it. There are actually many more than those 6 that I like from the whole collection. 


 So Valentino. I really love the pastel floral patterns here and there. Just so mesmerizing. And even I'm not an animal print lover, let alone bright animal print, the pink long dress is just so elegant.

 Cara, Cara, oh Cara. No one can represent this collection as good as her. She rocks the outfits~

Prabal Gurung 

I think Prabal Gurung has become the it-est trend now. Dresses on red carpet, youthful and cerative design, and -psst!good looking designer XD- . All in indeed!

All photos taken from and edited by me.