Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fighting Along the Sun

Long time no see and it's summer already -almost fall even-. A wonderful season full of colour, prints, new trends, and sunshine! Don't you love summer? Here in my country it's summer forever all along the year. With that stinging sunray everyday and chances to wear summer attire. Envy? Don't.

Oh la la. I'm sporting a new cut if you noticed. What do you think? I think it suits me, but hey, long hair, you're sincerely missed!

Yes, you've seen right. This top appeared too many times in this blog. But hey, it's too lovely to only be worn once or twice. or thrice.
or every summer days. 
And I'm in love with rolled-up pants this month! Been rolling all my pants up lately :p

Top : Zara
Pants :  Guess 
Belt : Next (can't stop bragging. great deal belt. 2 for $10)
Heels : Zara (another treasure. got it on sale. approximately $30 only)
Bag : Zara
Accessories : bought in markets in Taiwan