Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Greeting the Sea

Yuhuuu pretties~ long time no see... Quite busy lately but recently I've been thinking, I have the same schedule as Wulan from Bootsy Doopsy, yet she diligently updates hers yet mine is left uncared. Yeaps,  totally my fault here. Will try to do better!

Below are photos from my heavenly holiday last *ehm* July-August. We spend 2 days at Lombok island -go ask uncle google if you don't know this wonderful island- and the rest at Bali island -kick me if you know nothing about this amazing island!-
I went there with my college friends. Had lot of fun. And craving for more.
Enough said. They said photo speaks thousand words instead.

Long Island we drank at our fisrt night at a nice cafe at Lombok
Swimming on our first morning!

Quite an uphill place where we could see the Senggigi island. Beautiful yet windy there. Friend said that Eunjung from T-ara took a photo right there too during her visit.

Stopped at Qunci Villa. We didn't spend nights there though. The exterior was great and there was so much western people there. We order some snacks and spend the noon playing at the beach there.

I love Vivi's pose there!

Had Taliwang chicken for dinner! Yummy!

Last day at Lombok. Stopped at Lombok's Kuta beach while waiting for our flight to Bali.
Some of my friends departed to Bali first while we took the night flight. Really hot there but the scenery is very breath-taking! Me, CK, and Andrew went exploring the beach and found a kind of swamp there. I could imagine Alice walking over there. Looks like a wonderland itself.

The happy couple. Felt like a mosquito back then. Sorry for breaking the should-be-a-romantic-time!

Bali! I can't describe how much I love Bali since I was a kid. After dinner at the nearest foodcourt, we strolled for a while around Kuta beach. We spent the first night playing in our room -just like every nights before and after-

Next day we were having brunch at a cool cafe near our hotel called Babba Gump. The cafe's concept is taken from an old film titled Run Forrest Run. I loooove the interior there. But the food wasn't satisfying and the price is so high up in the sky!

We shouldn't call the waiter there. Just flip the sign to the blue one to notice the waiter.

The ribs is surprisingly great!

The sun was exactly above me and the bench was hot! Couldn't help opening my already-so-small eyes.
Next we went on to Kuta Beach~ And luckily there was an event of releasing turtle to the sea by making a racing competition among them~ We were so lucky to be able to participate! Introducing my adoptive turtle, Tortol! Such a cutie, isn't he?

My health wasn't really good that night buat I healed fast with Flapjaks' ice-cream help! 

Next destination was...... Padang-padang Beach (? kinda forget the name). Right in the middle of the noon so didn't stay longer.

Next one was Garuda Wisnu Kencana or GWK for short. Been there few times before so nothing special~

Kecak Dance

Dinner at Jimbaran Beach, a beach known for its seafood restaurants~ Yummy but I think we ate at the wrong place. The place that I usually eat at is more cheaper, yummier, and the place wasn't as good as this one.

Did some watersports the next day at Benoa Beach. We played both Banana boat, flying fox, and even parasailing! Great great time!!!

Late lunch at Nuri's. Their pork ribs is exceptionally wonderful!

Very last last night at Bali. Had a fine dining at Ultimo, Seminyak. We let our coupled friends to sit alone. The rest of us singles were feasting with the set menu. Bad choice. The choices weren't tasty. That night to Andrew asked CK to date him! Great for them. And now both of them are known as silly couple by us. XD
We also went to Engine Room bar after dinner at midnight.

Before flying back to Surabaya we visited Discovery Mall once again to had lunch. Ate Burger King and Cold Stone ice cream *aww so yum!*

 I went back to routine then with sunburnt nose, tanned skin, and great memories of fun!


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