Friday, August 17, 2012

The Story Begins When The Eyes Closed

I'm back from holiday to busy days now~ The first week seems to be so slow wihout many assignment, yet. But it getting more complicated in the second week. Now I'm on a week holiday again~ yay! 
I had fun in Bali last time and I still can't used to the normal routine. Have heaps of photos to share, but it should wait :p

Now I wanna share a form of makeup art which I really adore! Beautiful scenes on eyelids by a makeup artist called Katie Alves. I found her Deviant Art and have this super opportunity to ask her a few questions! She's so nice and humble! Scroll down to read her answers and enjoy some of my favourite scenes from her works~

Rapunzel : Tangled

Q : Hey Katie, would you introduce a bit about yourself?
A : I'm Katie, I'm from Ontario, Canada and I'm a makeup artist. I do scenes on my eyes, using    regular eyeshadow and liquid eyeliners.

Lion King

Q: When you do a makeup, do you plan the concept first or go all spontaneous?
A : It's different every time. Sometimes I'll plan out a design, especially if it's really complicated. But sometimes I'll completely wing it.

Q : Where do you get all the inspiration -I bet you love storybooks and movies- ?
A : At the beginning it was the season that gave me inspiration. I tarted with halloween designs and moved onto winter scenes. Once I started gaining followers, I kept getting suggestions. Now I'm inspired by my awesome fans!

Q: Can you describe you makeup style in 3 words?
A : Not exactly normal! haha! 

Little Mermaid
Harry Potter

Q : Some makeup tips for us girls?
A : Always support your arm! I see so many people lean over a counter and their hand is shaking all over the place. Have a mirror on your counter, or a table. Put your elbow on the counter. It helps so much!

The Wizard of Oz
Lord of the Ring

Q : Now you're a professional and famous makeup artist, what can you share for others who wish to be as great as you are?
A : Just have fun! Don't get discouraged if someone does a better design than you. Just keep trying to better yourself! Push yourself with every designs. For years I thought I was terrible at makeup but it was because I was trying to do other peoples designs. My eyes are completely different from others and none of them worked! You have to find your own style!


All credit to Katie Alves ! Thank you for your time and nice to know you :*
See you soon pretties~~~


  1. amazing make up! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  2. wow, this form of makeup is beautiful ;) xx

  3. cool post bek!! I'm amazed!

    Wulan Wu on

  4. WOWW that's amazing!!

    new giveaway!

  5. it's my first time to open ur blog. and I really interested in ur header. hahaha it's cool :D

  6. Wow she is so talented, I can't even choose a favourite, they are all so stunning. But especially love Up! and Little Mermaid <3

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  7. hmmm, looks glamours..:) xx

    Visit back, drop you comment, or exchange links..:)

  8. Isso que é arte ! muuuito lindo... Parabéns *-*


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