Sunday, May 20, 2012

Favourite Nostalgic

Fine, I owe you a post about the fashion show and my latest photoshoot. But my computer isn't at its greatest condition so...give me some time~ 

Instead, I'll treat you to some of my past design. Yes, I'm always a fashion-designer gonna-be! These designs below are due to years ago when I still attended Arva School of Fashion. I'll try even harder to keep designing between my college assignments. So, here it is to entertain you and please forgive me for the lack update!

The theme is avant-garde!
What else than the mix-match miss-match Harajuku!
Made something with checkered pattern~
Stage costume for Indonesian diva : Agnes Monica
Time for lingerie! bring your sexy side on~
A mix using 3 primary color: red, blue, yellow
Supposed to be strawberry, but sure mine won't be in that cutey way!
Lavender field!
Animal print! doesn't look like one==
All designs are belong to me, Cynthia Bk.  Don't take without credit and permission

"Everything I do is a matter of heart, body and soul." -- Donna Karan


  1. You have a lot of talent! Your sketches are amazing!

  2. aww you're so talent i ove the sketches .haha maybe someday you will sketche me :p

  3. I really like your blog!
    Keep posting dear! :)


  4. you're so talented, i love your sketches.
    greet from jogja :)


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